Adidas Originals Graphic Hoodie Sweatshirt Z35394

Mann Sports Outlet

HKD$249.00 HKD$539.00


Product Description:

You adidas fan and you like the clothes with an original design that makes you noticed? Then hoodie Graphic included in the collection "Originals" adidas is exactly what you need! Made entirely from cotton to offer you the highest level of comfort, Graphic hoodie, adidas will be always present in your outfits or Sport-Urban Casual.

Hood lined with a special texture of cotton, can raise with string, whose tabs can be passed easily through staples plastic thereof, and the comfort and freedom of movement are fully insured by the two front pockets, open and Positioned either side of a central zipper.

The sweatshirts can be worn open or closed central zip and perfectly adapted to your needs use due cuffs and waist band, made of thin ribs with elastic texture.

Exterior seams, which gives an unconventional air Graphic hoodie, adidas, especially rubber print coating on the back of jackets, which highlight the brand identity and the Originals collection represents stylistic accents that give peculiarity and authenticity.

Color: black (design elements: white)

Material: 100% cotton

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